EZALO Magic Lamp

Inseticide EZALO Magic Lamp. A device that has a design similar to a lamp so fits into any decoration, whether hanging on a wall (as an appliqué) or on a table or any piece of furniture with a flat surface. Insects are attracted by the light produced by a special lamp and captured on the adhesive plate in a silent and non-visible way, so the exterior appearance of the device remains unaltered. It is suitable for all places that want to be free of flying insects without danger to children or animals. Depending on the conditions of each compartment, a MAGIC LAMP protects an area of around 15 to 20 m2.


1. Peel off the protective paper from the adhesive plate. Place the plate in the clamp that will be placed on the device, making the clamp hooks fit correctly into the plate perforations,
2. Attach the tweezers (where the adhesive plate has already been placed) on the supports inside the appliance, in a vertical position and expose the adhesive side of the plate in the direction of the light. The adhesive plate is a trap without insecticidal substances.
3. Check if the voltage of the electric current is compatible with the device (220V) and turn it on.
4. Wait between 5 to 15 seconds. After this period the MAGIC LAMP will turn on.
5. Replace the plate when it is completely full of insects (depending on the number of flying insects, approximately one week).
6. Make sure the device is turned off when replacing each plate.