A natural repellent with a pleasant aroma for your home!



When, in 1982, we launched, in Portugal, electric diffusers with tablets to repel flying insects (mosquitoes) we were starting a new market segment that was more environmentally friendly and free of problems for human health.

The great advantage of EZALO products is their quality, which translates into efficiency because, through constant research, we maintain the best levels of raw materials and technology in our diffusers and, for this reason, we are not the cheapest, but we are the most effective and we can guarantee it against the insects that cause DENGUE and ZIKA.

EZALO is the only brand, in tablets, with a formula that is really effective against flies.

We also have products available to combat crawling insects, moths and outdoor protection.

All EZALO products are duly licensed by DGS and are manufactured with the best raw materials and the most correct concentrations that allow for the best effectiveness within the parameters required by current laws.


EZALO Green takes about 15 to 20 minutes to start acting, but on the other hand it has a prolonged action.

Small and discreet device. It works directly connected to the socket with an insignificant consumption.

It comes with an EZALO Green Liquid Refill with a duration of 60 nights.

The EZALO Green device must only be used with EZALO Green Liquid refills.

The quality of the diffusers is very important for the correct diffusion of the insecticidal material contained in the tablets and/or in the liquid. The diffusers offer a guarantee of quality, durability and low energy consumption.


The use of liquid refills currently allows for an action of 60 nights, like all competitors, it takes time to reach its maximum effectiveness, which for an environment infested with mosquitoes can be unpleasant.

To be used in the EZALO Green diffuser.

Depending on use, it lasts about 60 nights.

It could only be EZALO!