Excellent air fresheners

The market is full of air fresheners that seek to fight each other on price and not on quality or design.

By creating this product, we sought to meet the most demanding consumers who like to combine the quality of a high-quality air freshener product with the exquisite design that matches any type of decoration, in living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms.

That is why we chose glass (noble material) to preserve the finest essences, which allows us to obtain a design that is both elegant and functional because it constantly keeps the bottle in balance.

That’s why we dedicate this product to demanding and tasteful consumers.


How to use

Ezalo Ambiance No Smooking

Light the candle and smoke a cigarette without disturbing anyone!

You can smoke a cigarette without disturbing others… do you know the best way for smokers and non-smokers to live together?

When lit, the EZALO AMBIANCE NO SMOKING candle gives off an aroma that eliminates the unpleasant smell of tobacco in your home.

The NO SMOKING candle allows for pleasant interaction between smokers and non-smokers Can be used indoors without any danger.

Constant Quality and Innovation

Why EZALO Ambiance


Because it makes socializing between smokers and non-smokers more pleasant, it does not remove the fact that smoking is bad for your health.
Never leave the candle burning in your absence or near flammable materials.